2017 - Abandoned Power Plant - NY

"Shivers run up and down my spine
at the same speed that my mind races.
It is a tie for last place.
Every cold chain link
will leave an impression.
I am being branded,
but there is no one to claim me.
Gusting winds give surrounding weak structures
breathe and I feel less alone.
I might have been left here to die."
-Lizz Cacaj
"I wonder why I'm so difficult
At times
I move forward in certain areas
while others remained
A home without attention
collecting dust
I get warmth from the nostalgia
but find it harder to breathe
every time I return
Its a bad habit
Guide me
I've simply lost my way
-Miguel Gallardo
"This torture
Puts his mind in far worse
condition than my body.
So I grow kind
as he mistakes
my softness
for something more."
-Lizz Cacaj
"A lust for power
Sits atop the grave
of my hunger for love.
A man made poison,
where water once flowed.
I'm sprinting blindfolded
Through a field of mines
Too focused to notice your
Your guidance
I turned around to look
Running backwards...
That's when it happened."
-Miguel Gallardo

Photography by Miguel Gallardo

Model - Lizz Cacaj

Photo Assistants - Luciany German & Amanda Morales

Written by Lizz Cacaj & Miguel Gallardo