For The Xperience

Our name was inspired by a saying we and many people around us use all the time in casual conversation.  "I did it for the experience."  We love to tell stories, create and move around.  With such a big world and so many beautiful places and people to capture, it'd be a shame to grow old and look back wondering, "what if?"  We want to see it all, create immersive works to lend you our perspective, and inspire you to see it for yourself soon after.

Miguel Gallardo - Founder/Creative

Music played and still plays a major role in my becoming a creative.  High school/early college me couldn't really afford to keep hiring filmmakers, so I took matters into my own hands.  I got a job at a studio that gave me access to gear and I shot anything that my heart desired, videos and photo shoots, and met great people along the way that shared my passion.  At first I thought that my career course was drifting from that I was studying for.  I soon realized how useful my degree in multimedia journalism was in telling stories and how I was slowly finding my own path.

Growing up in the Bronx, finding your own path in your own time is hard to do.  There's generations worth of pressure to make a quick dollar and get a "grown up" job.  These have been enlightening years for me and a predominant lesson is that this world has many truths, both very ugly and beautiful.  Rushing through life at a New York pace doesn't allow you to discover these truths, or do anything about it. 

So when I created For The Xperience (originally my group's first album's working title), I thought the name all too fitting for the content I wanted to create and messages I wanted to send.

Lastly, I love volleyball, could sleep on the beach all day, am substantially more energized when the sun is up, am Colombian and Puerto Rican (Although I'm constantly shamed for not being completely fluent in Spanish), huge Game of Thrones fan, and am always down for an adventure, anywhere.